BASEline tennis academy

This is our story

After 20 years of working with some of the famous tennis players, as they say: pictures are worth 1000 words, I have decided to leave Serbia and come to Malta. My idea was to share all my tennis knowledge and experience with the talented people of Malta. 

Working as Head Coach at TENNIS LINE INTERNATIONAL TENNIS ACADEMY, it took us 4 years to build the academy: from scratch to one of the best and most popular tennis academies in the country. 

Once again, I have challenged myself by moving forward and establishing my own tennis school. The result is BASELINE TENNIS ACADEMY. 

At Baseline Tennis Academy, we will provide an opportunity for a wide spectrum of players: children who would like to learn the basics of tennis and make their dreams of becoming a champion come true; amateurs who are interested in improving their game and tennis technique to perfection, and help professional players to achieve better rankings on the ATP and WTA lists. 

All this wouldn’t be possible without a top team of coaches. BASELINE Tennis Academy coaches have ITF and PTR qualifications and extensive coaching experience.

Welcome to BASELINE