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Welcome to Baseline Tennis Academy

Join our international tennis school to meet new people and learn tennis while having a good time.

Lessons at Baseline Tennis Academy are structured in a circuit-style game approach, with a wide range of exercises to engage a maximum number of muscles and game planning. Lessons for kids are specially designed using an interactive approach that will make them love the game, enjoy their achievements while being physically active.

We’re following a five-stage method in teaching kids, and some of the adjustments are: using “slower” balls, smaller size rackets, and the courts designed for kids.

Each participant will get an individual progress report and attendance certificate at the end of the term.

report and diploma.

Racket and balls are provided for all participants

Individual progress report and diploma for each player

  • If you would like to enroll your child, fill out the form.

Group lessons for adults

We now offer adult group lessons in addition to the children’s program. Join our adult beginner tennis course, which is based on the ITF official curriculum “Tennis Xpress.” The duration of the course is 9 weeks long (1 lesson per week) during which participants will become confident in serving, rallying, and scoring (playing the game).

  • All players will be familiar with basic tennis skills, strategies, and rules
  • It will provide the necessary skillset and motivate them to play and win on a full-size court.

What will you find at the academy?

Besides professional coaching and a great tennis school here at Baseline academy, you can enjoy in-game with your friends.

If you are happy with your tennis level and you just want to play, come, we have the new best courts in Malta. You can BOOK COURT and play with one or more friends. Our courts are powered by Advanced Polymer Technology, the same as one at USA Open, which has environmental certificates. With the integration of this kind of surface, we are trying to give our small benefit to the environment. The surface on our courts is there to provide that players can step onto in with confidence having much less chance to get an injury.

Work in progress that is comming to end.

From Nothing to the First and Only Real USA Open Surface in Malta.
Only at Baseline Tennis Courts will You Have the Opportunity to Feel Like a True ATP AND WTA player.